Worship Sans Worship

Each month on the podcast we do a segment called Worship Sans Worship.  The idea is to build a playlist of songs that connect us to God but are outside of the traditional church/worship world.  We don’t mean to insinuate that worship music often stinks….  well, yeah we do.  Each week each co-host brings a song and we pick our favorite to add to the playlist.  You can watch videos of those songs here or you can listen to the worship sans worship playlist by following us on spotify.

Each month on the podcast, we try to find 3 songs that help each of us connect to God that come from outside the church/worship sphere.  We vote on the winner and post the winners to an ongoing playlist on Spotify.  February’s nominations are below.

From Jacob

U2 -Until the End of the World

From Liz

The Liturgists – Vapor

From Justin


JJ Alberhasky – Only the Bony


Jacob: JJ and Liturgists

Liz: JJ

Justin: Liturgists

Listener vote:  vote in the comments section

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