Raising Kids My Own Way

I wish I had a dollar for every time a friend of mine intimated or straight out said they dislike how religious types blindly and uncritically believe things just because they always have.   I wish I had time to sit and talk with each of them and talk about how much I dislike that very […]

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February Podcast

The February podcast is up (a week late) after our technical glitches were fixed.  Thanks to all of our listeners.  This month, we play Worship Sans Worship, Who Said It and we spend some time focusing on February’s topic of Prayer.  Jacob got a little out of control with segment intros and the phrase “the […]

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Prayer as Looking Within

Prayer, for many, is a means of projecting one’s thoughts outward— toward the heavens, toward the holy, toward something Other. We rush to say things to this Other in prayer–we spill words to God, to others, or to ourselves. We find comfort in hearing our own voices, in viewing prayer as a means of communication […]

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Teach Us To Pray

Have you ever said something so much or so often that over time it began to lose meaning? Maybe it happened slowly over time that you didn’t even realize it. Our words carry meaning but when we repeat something over and over it can be easy for us to lose the meaning. I realized a few […]

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Prayer Changes…

When it comes to prayer there are two things that I know are true.  First, I know that we are broken.  Brokenness is not something you need to sell me on.  I see it everywhere and so do you.  When I troll my way through Facebook posts, I hear the yelling of people wanting to […]

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The Prayers I Don’t Pray

I’ve heard people talk about their prayer journeys.  It’s odd to me.  Of course, I see a general trajectory in my own narrative.  I don’t feel like I’m on a journey.  People go on journeys with maps and packed bags and a general idea of where they are going and they often don’t take breaks […]

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