June Podcast

The production quality is a little low.  Primarily because we have kids attacking us throughout recording.  However, the content is pretty fun. Worship Sans Worship has The National, The Head and the Heart and The Impressions. We do our inaugural segment for “Am I the Only One?”  We invite you to join us by tweeting […]

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March Podcast

The March Podcast comes out on April Fools day and Justin leads off by making Jacob look stupid.  Show order below: Intro – April Fools Day Worship Sans Worship Jacob – “Judas isn’t so bad” and Until the End of the World by U2 Liz – Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot comes up as we […]

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February Podcast

The February podcast is up (a week late) after our technical glitches were fixed.  Thanks to all of our listeners.  This month, we play Worship Sans Worship, Who Said It and we spend some time focusing on February’s topic of Prayer.  Jacob got a little out of control with segment intros and the phrase “the […]

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Inaugural Podcast.

Inaugural Podcast. Episode 1.  1-28-15 In this podcast, we meet the podcast team of Jacob, Justin and Liz.  We also debut the recurring podcast segment, Worship Sans Worship.  The segment “Thinking of You” features an unfortunate amount of discussion of the world’s largest poop, Chris Pratt considering Indiana Jones, and our conundrum over House of Cards. […]

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