March Podcast

The March Podcast comes out on April Fools day and Justin leads off by making Jacob look stupid.  Show order below:

Intro – April Fools Day

Worship Sans Worship

Jacob – “Judas isn’t so bad” and Until the End of the World by U2

Liz – Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot comes up as we learn about The Liturgists’ Vapor.  Justin also says that The Liturgists’ podcast is better than ours. It’s his last podcast.

Justin – Gets personal about adoption with JJ Alberhasky’s Only the Bony.  We also wonder why Sufjan Stevens is critically acclaimed and JJ Alberhasky is unheard of.

Kendrick Lamar’s What a Dollar Cost from his new album To Pimp a Butterfly is transition music #1

Thinking of You:

Liz leads off with Mad Men series finale preview and Jacob “misremebers” that Donald Draper’s real name is Dick Johnson.  The following Phrases all follow;  “Dick Johnson!?!” – Justin,  “It was Dick!” – Liz, “Don’t Google Dick Johnson” – Justin

Jacob reads a review of the Nicolas Cage reboot of the Left Behind series and brags that he thought it was bad first. There is a Community Reference to Abed.

Justin mashes up Thinking of You with Who Said It by bringing a Buzzed quiz testing Liz and Jacob with quotes by either Kanye West or Jean Ralph Saprestein from Community

Yelawolf’s American You transitions us to Spotlight


The gang discusses indoctrination, education, intrinsic truth, and more.


April will be “Open Letters to other Christians” by each of our contributors.  Listeners are encouraged to write their own and post them to the site or to Facebook.

May: We intend to dive into “Just War Theory” and try to reconcile how a Jesus Follower makes sense of a God who says to love your neighbors and who intervenes on behalf of the oppressed with ISIS.  What if your neighbor is an oppressive international terrorist regime?  Listeners are encouraged to read along as we learn.

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